How to Unbrick Huawei Dead after Flash

 Revive Huawei dead after flash via Unlocktool

In this tutorial i teach you how to revive Huawei dead after flash, we choose huawei Mate 20 lite SNE-LX1 dead after wrong flash. 
To unbrick huawei mate 20 lite using unlocktool. 


  • Cable Type-C original 
  • Huawei usb drivers 
  • Huawei Firmware (downgrade or upgrade, The same) 
  • Pc 
  • Unlocktool 


  • Open unlocktool and choose Huawei Tab
  • Select huawei kirin
  • Put phone in EDL mode
  • Click unlock fastboot
Repair dead huawei
  • After operation is completed put it again in EDL mode 
  • Go to upgrade mode tab
  • Select fastboot 
  • Select flash files 
  • Finally click Flash and wait operation to be finished. 
revive huawei via unlocktool

Video summarizing how it works 

Congratulations all Done by HOW TO GSM