Redmi 9 IMEI Repair

What this guide dose ?
  • Restores IMEI.
  • Restores Baseband/Radio/Modem.
  • Fixes NV Data corrupted errror.
  • Fixes unknown baseband.
  • Fixes null IMEI.
How I can Repair IMEI ?
Download All files From Here
1-Flash ENG Rom

2-Go to Command Prompt

3- Run These Codes
  adb reboot bootloader
  fastboot erase nvdata
  fastboot erase nvram
  fastboot reboot
4- Run NCK dongle 
5- DO Repair IMEI in  META Mode

6- Run CM2 Dongle V 2.21
7- In Platform/Main tab Select model then check sSla and Meta

8- Do Read NVRAM

9- Flash Full Firmware Download  from Here

10- Run CM2 again
11- Do write  NVRAM

12-Finally Do Modem init(NVRAM Fix)

All Done By HOW TO GSM



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  • naeem photo
    naeemMarch 22, 2021 at 9:02 AM

    not working after this method imei null do all steps but not sucsess

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  • tug photo
    tugSeptember 28, 2021 at 10:01 PM

    sp flas tool DOWNLOAD DA %100 hanging

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