How To Make Test Point Cable For Huawei 2021

NEW Huawei Test Point ID how to create your new security cable ANDROID 11 HARMONY TP CABLE

 Hi Friends, in this tutorial will show you my modified cable for Huawei Test Point, All new models. Without this cable TestPoint method not working in new security, and your phone cannot enter Huawei USB COM 1.0 port. Need to have 10k resistor, short red and green cable.


  • 10K Resistor.
  • Original cable.

How to make cable

In this video will show you how to make modified cable (Harmony TP Cable).

How to Reboot Huawei phones to USB COM 1.0

  • Install Huawei USB COM driver on computer.
  • Disassemble phone and find out the pinout as show in below image.
  • Make sure that you always connect the cable to the computer first.
  • You still have to test point (this cable only works if the test pointing is done). You have to see the Huawei USB COM 1.0 serial port in windows device Manager.